TJSA would like to welcome everyone back after an extended break. We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable time. Our games will recommence on Saturday May 2nd at the Atherton International Club grounds. Malanda club will be hosting the day.


The full season club draw is in the process of being entered on our TJSA website – thanks to Tate Jones for doing this! Once finalised please let us know if you note any errors as the job of doing and posting the draw is complex and we may have missed something. However please do not request changes to games or times – only official club requests will be considered BUT given the complexities of the organising the draw it is unlikely any changes will be made unless they are genuine errors.

Once again this season our TJSA clubs will take turns to travel to Silkwood to play Johnstone River (JRF) teams. Each club will travel twice during the season to Silkwood. JRF teams will also travel to Atherton to play our teams on the same basis. Travel dates for TJSA clubs are as follows:
· Malanda – all age groups – May 16th and June 20th
· Atherton – all age groups – May 23rd and August 1st
· Dimbulah – all age groups – July 18th and August 22nd

Please make sure you note game times and ensure your team has arrived at Silkwood at least 30mins before the start of their game. In some cases teams maybe scheduled to play two games at Silkwood. TJSA expects that all coaches and parents make sure that they are able to field a team when they travel to Silkwood – forfeits are not acceptable.

Quad Series

Our first Quad Series game will be hosted by Atherton on Sunday May 3rd. We have been advised that the Quad Series will now include teams in the U12/13 Girls and U13 Boys. These teams were selected as part of our pre-season friendly against the Heat earlier in the season. Players selected in the U12/13 Girls and U13 Boys will need to keep the 3rd of May free to play against Cairns teams. The draw for the day is currently being agreed with Cairns. It will be released in draft form hopefully by the end of this week however, as Cairns still have to finalise their teams, there may be changes. You are advised to keep an eye on the TJSA website for the draw and any updates.

The following Titans teams from TJSA will be participating in the Quad Series on Sunday the 3rd:
· U10 Boys – Lachlan and Beau (Coaches)
· U10/11 Girls – Lachlan (Coach)
· U11 Boys – Tate (interim coach)
· U12 Boys – Tate (Coach)
· U12/13 Girls – Lachlan (Coach)
· U13 Boys – Scott (Coach)

If any players are unavailable they should contact their coach or Lachlan ( immediately. Uniforms will be available on Saturday May 2nd at Atherton. U10 through to U12 teams will wear the traditional Titans blue shorts ($20) and white socks ($15). We have a limited supply of these available for new players. The U13 Boys and U12/13 Girls will wear the new Titans uniform which consists of the normal blue shorts with new black & red socks. We have plenty of these new socks available for $15ea at Atherton. If you are unable to obtain Titans shorts or socks, you can wear blue shorts and club socks for the first round of the Quad Series. We will be ordering more shorts and white socks in time for the next round.

Other Quad Series dates for this season are:
· Silkwood – June 21st
· Cairns – August 9th

Help for First Quad Series Game

This will be a big day so any help you can offer the Atherton Club is appreciated. Please ask at the Atherton Canteen or turn up on the day prior to the start of games to help set up fields or stick around at the end of the day to help pack up. Linesmen and Referees may also be needed.

Rep Games foe Older Age Groups

We are still in the process of sanctioning games for our older rep teams although we have a draft agreement on dates. We should be able to publish a calendar of games within the next few weeks once we have the necessary approvals/sanctions in place. This has been a drawn out process due to late changes to the Quad Series and fitting games in around other important dates as well as strict stipulations from the FNQ Zone and Football Qld.

At this stage the first games will happen on Sunday May 24th in Dimbulah between JRF, Southern Cross Strikers, Southside Comets, possibly the FNQ Heat and TJSA teams. This will be followed by a round in Cairns between Strikers, Heat and TJSA on Sunday June 21st. Later rounds will be confirmed.

TJSA Titans age groups involved in the first round will be:
· U12/13 Girls – Lachlan (Coach)
· U13 Boys – Scott (Coach)
· U14 Boys – Ossie (Coach)
· U14-16 Girls – Ross (Coach)

Players in these age groups will need to purchase a pair of our new red & black socks ($15) as well as wear the normal Titans blue shorts for these matches. They can be obtained from Atherton prior to the game day.

If you have any queries in relation to the above please contact , your coach or a TJSA committee member.

Your TJSA Committee