U6/7, U8/9 and U10/11 MiniRoos teams will be playing at Dimbulah, Atherton and Malanda clubs with a special gala day to reintroduce football to the Ravenshoe and Mt Garnet communities.  The draw for all rounds (except the gala day) is found at the FNQ Football website.  https://websites.sportstg.com/assoc_page.cgi?c=1-9384-136537-405398-0&a=COMPS#Miniroos

U14/15 JC teams are playing the Cairns competition with the vast majority of games being played at Endeavour Park.  Please refer to the FNQ Football website for the draw (fixtures) https://websites.sportstg.com/assoc_page.cgi?c=1-9384-136537-405398-0&a=COMPS#Junior_Competitive