Welcome to the first of our three home games for the month of August! This will be a busy but fun time for teams and families as approach the end of the 2014 season.

The canteen is a great place for catching up and getting to know other teams and club members, while also helping raise essential funds for the running of our fabulous club.

There are many tasks to be done throughout the day and we really do need a little bit of help from all members to make the day a success and not a stress!

We try to make the team allocation times based around just before or after your team’s game time. The tasks we ask for help with include being either in the canteen preparing food or serving customers plus helping outside with the BBQ and chip fryer.

So there is a job for everyone.

We ask the team managers to please be aware of the time we need your teams help and encourage pre-nomination of volunteers and on the day reminders. We will be most grateful for anytime that your team parents, friends, family can offer – everyone is always welcome in the canteen! Please refer to the canteen roster (click here) and let your team manager know which time suits you or reply directly to info@malandafootballclub.com.au.

Team managers can also contact us or ask us any questions via info@malandafootballclub.com.au

Kylie and I and other ready helpers are always close by to lend a hand and help new comers throughout the day.

Looking forward to seeing many faces and enjoying another terrific day of sporting fun on our beautiful Tablelands.


MFC Canteen