Hi Everyone,

Before we request helpers for this weekends canteen roster, we’d like to send a big “Thank you” to the people who have been constant sources support with the canteen this season. For the long stints on the BBQ & fryer and behind the counter, we say, ‘Can’t do it without you’. It is always a pleasure to have the company of our club members helping out each home game and support the clubs major source of revenue. As a reminder to Team Managers, part of the managers role is to remind parents from your team to spare some time (when possible) & come in to the canteen either before or after your games to give that much needed and welcomed hand.

We do start serving from 11.30am, so if you have a game at 12 or 12.30pm please consider popping in before your game and helping the early shifts. We will have a blank roster on the door of the canteen for people to come and add their name to a slot that suits them. About half an hour of help each block is what we are seeking.


The end of the season is fast approaching and once again we look forward to our break up party for all players and family members. We are going to hold the breakup at the Malanda Pool over a BBQ lunch.

The date is Sunday 7th September, which also happens to be Father’s Day so… don’t leave Dad at home & Grandpa can come as well!

More details to come to follow in the coming weeks.


Over the next few weekends Jean Tierney has once again come to the party and will be taking team photos before or after games. Please watch out for her around the grounds.


If you have time please come to the grounds in Atherton Friday afternoon from 4pm to setup for Saturday. On Saturday if your team is the last to play on field please assist by packing up the nets, flags, marquees and ball and return them to the canteen area to be put away.

It is also appreciated if all rubbish could be picked up and placed in the bins around the grounds as you go throughout the day. This makes it all a lot easier by the end of day.

Thanks to our canteen angels from the last home game and we’ll look forward see you all Saturday.