Hi Parent and Players,

Since we have just completed our third game player numbers are now relatively stable we have been able to finalise teams in each age group. Following is an update on what is happening with training and teams for this season.

As explained in a previous email (Malanda Football Club – Our Club’s Vision for the Future) we have allocated Tuesday for skill development and Thursday for Team training. We would encourage all parents to read this document as it outlines some very important information on the direction of the MFC.


Tuesday training – Skills Development

This training session will work on the four core skills and be organised around players’ ability levels rather than their age group. Players are encouraged to attend this weekly training session if they want to develop their skill levels.

Skill training does require the player to be physically and mentally ready to follow instructions, focus and complete more difficult drills.   The skill training program targets ages 10 and up. However, we are accepting under 8/9 players based on their skills, ability to focus, listen and carry out instructions. These players will be identified and nominated by the team coaches and vetted for suitability by Lachlan and Tate.

For younger players discovering and enjoying playing football is more important and they will still receive the necessary skills through fun games. Moving too early at this age group can have a negative impact to their development.

If you have any question about skill development please talk to Lachlan or Tate.

Thursday training – Team training

This training session will be team based in each age group. Players will train with their team and continue to work on the skills and game development relevant to their age group. Small sided age groups (up to under 9) will train on this day if they choose to only train once per week). All players should attend Thursday training as a minimum commitment to their team.

There have been some exceptions to Tuesday and Thursday training due to the availability of coaches and team sizes. The decision around which day of the week and the number of players they can manage is ultimately is determined by the coach, as they are volunteering their time.

If your child is not listed in a team, incorrectly listed or has been indicated as not registered please let us know ASAP or complete these registration instructions.

Training this Week

There will be training this Tuesday 31/3/15 only.

Regular training will resume when school starts.

Regular Training

Please be advised that a parent or guardian needs to at least acknowledge the coach at each training session, especially in the younger age groups. This means that the coaches are aware which children are attending training and parents/guardians are aware of game times, team requirements and they can advise of availability for game day that weekend.

At Malanda we do have a history of children walking over to training from school, but with the large numbers of younger children under the supervision of one coach it would be appreciated if the child and preferably their parent could make themselves known, especially at this early stage in the season where we are all getting to know each other. Remember training is not daycare and the coaches need to know which children they are responsible for during that training session.

Similarly if children are waiting for training to start at Jack May Park at 3:30pm they are not officially being supervised at that time. Please take the time to talk to your children about appropriate behavior during this time. Coaches do not want to see children hurt while waiting for training. Older children are encouraged to kit up straight away and as soon as any coach arrives with a key to the shipping container they should be helping to set up fields, not sitting on top of the roof of the shed at the park!


Under 5/6

At this current time training for the under 5/6 is only Thursday. If another parent can volunteer one hour on a Tuesday then please let us know.

Coach – Teresa McKinnon – Thursday Only

0402 442 212, teresa.carter@bigpond.com

Manager – Jamie McKinnon

0417 863 926, Jamie.mckinnon12@bigpond.com

Kye Pease

Ryan Petersen

Tyson Grace

Riphean Jolly Jenkins

Archie McKinnon

Corey McKinnon

Blade Hamilton (not registered)


Under 8/9

We are fortunate to have enough players in this age group to field two teams. Beau and Amanda have accepted the coaching position and have allocated the following players.

Hornets – Coach – Beau Johnston – Thursday Only

0409 639 197

Manager – Kim Mastin

0419 645 334

Flynn Hyde

Kobi Johnston

Rhys Johnston

Nash Coghlan

Noah Byrne (not registered)

Declan Hamilton (not registered)

Spencer Thomson

Sydney Thomson

Jett Smith

Marlee Smith


Wasps – Coach – Amanda Arthur – Tuesday Team Training Only

0427 205 522, amanda.arthur5@bigpond.com

Manager – To be confirmed

Luke Bird (not registered)

Rhange (not registered)

Alistair Hickey

Niall Hickey

Marley McLaren (to be confirmed)

Michael McLaren

Rhys Dowse

Pablo (not registered)

Jake Van Der Veen

Until another parent can volunteer one hour on either Thursday or Tuesday then training for under 8/9 will be limited to one day a week with their allocated team. If you want to see them train both days all it would require is the setting up of a small-sided game and allowing the kids to have fun.


Under 10/11 – Lachlan Peden – Tuesday and Thursday Training

0404 832 907, 4096 5189, lachandtrace @hotmail.com

Assistant Coach – Quaid Aiden

Manager – Doris Martin

Chelsea Perry (not registered)

Teesha Potts

Anthony Yantumba

Cassandra Easton

Harry Holland

Caleb Geck

Victoria OWokran

Tom Smith

Gordon Grimshaw

Bridget Peden

Mandraek Jolly


Under 12 – Tate Jones – Tuesday and Thursday Training

0419735700, tate@bluedog.com.au

Manager – Lou Gobius

0487 112302

Angus Hamilton

Victoria OWokran

Bridget Peden

Anthony Yantumba

Jackson Bryant

Miriam Arnold-Nott

Ziggy Crook

Sahara Gobius

Danika Gray

Lauren Hyde

Riley Jones

Oliver Karan

Hamish Shore

Lari Wilkinson

Travis Wharton (not registered)


Under 14 – Tate Jones – Tuesday and Thursday Training

0419735700, tate@bluedog.com.au

Manager – Kim Jones

 Matt Easton

Kynan Gobius

Rohan Hickey

Eliza Tolley

Reuben Arnold-Nott

Cecil Aiden

Bryce Jones

Louis Karan

Caitlin O’Connor

Travis Wharton (not registered)

Riley Jones

Oliver Karan

Hamish Shore

Ziggy Crook

Game Day

It is extremely important the guardian or parent is aware of their game times. If a player cannot make a Saturday game you must notify the coach as soon as possible to allow for the necessary adjustments.   This is especially important with the under 8/9’s as players can be moved between teams to make numbers.

If your child is asked to play up a grade to make up numbers please ensure that you have signed a release form. These forms are available from the team managers of the team you are asked to play for. If you haven’t signed this form then your child is not covered by insurance for that game. The form covers the entire season.

Our Committee

This year again we are relying on the newsletter and the contact email info@malandafootballclub.com.au to keep you all informed and to provide a means for you to contact the Malanda committee.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions via this email as it is sent to all committee members or catch up with us at training or on game day.  If you know of anyone who is not receiving the newsletter please pass on this info or let them know they can subscribe to the Malanda and TJSA newsletter at TJSA.com.au

President – Peter Arnold-Nott

Vice President – Catriona Arnold-Nott

Treasurer – Karen Miller

Secretary – Doris Martin

Registrar – Tate Jones

Canteen Co-ordinators – Kylie Freebody & Simone Karan

Uniforms – Lou Gobius

Uniform sales

If you know what size shorts and socks are required please email info@malandafootballclub.com.au. If you were intending to purchase them before your child’s game this Saturday it would be appreciated if you could email your order.

Shorts $25

Socks $12

Supporter Shirts $35

Playing broad brimmed hats $20

Supporter caps $15 (not to be worn on the field)

Canteen Help

Please make time to help out in the canteen on our allocated game days. If parents of all players could allocate 30 minutes before or after their child’s game it would go a long way to sharing the load on the day and allow all parent’s a chance to see their kids play.

Games resume Saturday 2 May – this is a home game

Have a safe and Happy Easter Holidays