Firstly, let me say that football cannot continue on the Tablelands without the help of volunteers. Our primary goal is to provide a football competition for the benefit of the kids. We want to provide a healthy environment where the kids can have fun with their friends and enjoy a great game.

It is only early in the season and yet I have already seen many of the same faces doing the same jobs they did last year although I am happy to see a few new faces helping out. Let me say that, on behalf of our tireless volunteers, just a little extra help can go a long way to improving our competition for everyone. I would like to ask anyone with a child playing in our competition to see if your club, coach or TJSA committee needs help with anything. We provide an inexpensive sport with lots of development opportunities for kids at both a personal and player development level. We can only keep costs low and provide these opportunities by getting volunteers to help. I do not want to see these volunteers burnt out at the end of the season so I ask everyone to pitch in where they can. Everyone has skills that can benefit and strengthen our clubs and association.

Help is always needed in the following areas:
· Canteen operation
· Field set-up and pull-down
· Game day management
· Refereeing and lining of U12 and U14 age groups and representative fixtures
· Team management and washing of jerseys
· Club grounds maintenance
· Club and TJSA Committee membership and administration

I would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped so far this season and hope we see more people put up their hand to help.

Quad Series Rep. Teams

At this stage we only have two (2) coaches for our four (4) rep teams who are due to play in the upcoming Quad Series against Cairns and JRF teams to be held in Atherton on Sunday May 3rd. I will be coaching the U10/11 Girls and Tate Jones will be coaching the U12 Boys. We need coaches for the U10 and U11 Boys teams – ideally we would like a current club coach from Atherton, Malanda or Dimbulah to take on these teams but a parent/senior player who is keen to get involved would also be welcomed and assisted by us. If we cannot get coaches for these teams then we will not be entering a team in these age groups. If that happens, not only will kids in this age group miss out, it will also be a bad look for us as an Association when Cairns and JRF travel up to play us in May. If you have a child in these age groups I ask you to put your hand up to help.

At this stage we will be running trial games for the U11 and training for the U12 this Saturday at Dimbulah at 11:30am. If you would like your child to be a part of this then please see Tate Jones on the day.

We will also be running trials for the U10 Boys and U10/11 Girls on Saturday at Dimbulah after the last U10 game at approximately 2:30pm. If you would like your child to be a part of the trials then please see Lachlan Peden on the day.

Dimbulah this Weekend

As part of our competition structure we support all of our clubs by hosting games at each club’s grounds on a rotational basis. These games are important for each club as they generate much needed canteen revenue to assist with providing facilities and keeping player registration fees low. Our fees are the lowest in FNQ. We therefore expect all parents and players to make all reasonable efforts to travel to each ground to play on the designated Saturday. If you cannot get your child to a game then you should talk to your coach about alternative travel arrangements. Each team relies on their players to turn up to games and if you genuinely can’t make it to a game then you should let you coach know as early as possible.

The Dimbulah Club has also asked me to make you aware that this Saturday there will be a car wash as a fund raiser for the Dimbulah P-10 State School’s Wheelbarrow Race team. High school students will be washing cars from 8am until 2pm in the car park beside the Funky Mango Cafe on the Main Street. Please show your support – I know my car is always dirty and dusty at this time of year!

Dimbulah is also looking for more refs and linesmen/women for this Saturday’s games. If you can help please let Raimond Bin at Dimbulah know on the day.

TJSA Meeting

A TJSA General Meeting will be held at Dimbulah Clubhouse at 11am this Saturday. All are welcome to attend and, if you have any issues you wish to raise, this is the time to do it.

Change to Game Times this Weekend

Please make a note of the draw and kick-off on the TJSA Website.  There has been time changes made on the 25th March.

Thanks for your support of football on the Tablelands,

Lachlan Peden
TJSA President