Every year trials will be held for teams in the following age groups:

Boys Teams Girls Teams Competitions
U10 U10 Quad Series vs Cairns and Johnstone River
U11 U11
U12 U12/13 Quad Series & Games vs Heat & Cairns Club teams
U13 U14/15/16 Games vs Heat and Cairns Club Teams

The Titans Rep teams, when selected, will take part in a number of organised games each season.

Expectations and Requirements

To be considered for rep team selection, players are expected to make the following commitments:

  1. Be available for all training sessions as determined by the relevant team coach. Inability to attend trainings must be communicated to coaches together with a genuine reason. Attendance at training will correspond with playing time allocated in games.
  2. Be available for all scheduled representative games and arrive in time to warm up. Coaches will advise players on expected arrival times prior to games. Teams will include ‘Shadow players’. Failure to attend a match or being late to a match without a valid reason communicated ahead of time to your team coach can result in forfeiture of a player’s position in the team to a ‘Shadow player’ or a reduction in game time.
  3. Behave in accordance with the TJSA Player Code of Conduct at all times. Players represent the Tablelands and are expected to set a high standard. Failure to meet these standards may result in the forfeiture of a player’s position in the team or game time sanctions.
  4. Players in teams participating in the Quad Series (age groups from U10 to U12) are expected to be available for the John Bomben Carnival, held in week 1 of the September School holidays. Players/Parents should discuss options for attendance at this carnival with their team coach.
  5. All players selected in representative teams are required to purchase and wear the correct Titans socks and shorts appropriate to their team and age group. These will be advised to players upon selection.
  6. Playing strips/jerseys will be supplied by the TJSA at the start of each season to each team. Players are required to look after their jerseys. Damage to, or loss of, a jersey will be the responsibility of players and will require the reimbursement of any replacement cost.

Selection Process

The TJSA’s preference is to give all players an opportunity to represent the Tablelands at a higher level whilst maintaining a high standard of team play as well as good player commitment and conduct.

This has proved difficult in recent years and the TJSA has struggled to fill representative teams, in a number of age groups, with an adequate number of committed players.

Therefore, in 2016, the TJSA has decided to trial a new approach by opening up rep team selections to include all players from TJSA Competition Clubs (Atherton, Malanda and Dimbulah) as well as players from the Mareeba United Football Club (MUFC).

The following selection policy will apply:

  1. All players, from the above clubs, wishing to trial for a position in a rep team MUST:
    • Complete a TJSA Player Request to Trial form and bring it along to the selection trials
    • Attend the trials on the dates set down by the TJSA or communicate your inability to attend to the relevant team coach together with a valid reason
    • Agree to comply with all expectations and requirements detailed above.
    • Each MUFC player will also be required to pay a TJSA Rep levy of $20 per player to cover costs if they are selected. This is not required if a player is selected from a TJSA Competition Club.
  2. Trials will be conducted at a set time on a set day. All players wanting to trial MUST attend. TJSA will notify all clubs of the trial dates so that all players can be notified.
  3. The Selection Process will be as follows:
    1. Team coaches will be appointed and will conduct a series of trials to gauge:
      • Player skill levels
      • Player commitment
      • Player attitude
      • Player’s ability for improvement
      • Player’s team-work and team spirit
    2. Preference will be given to TJSA Competition Club players (Atherton, Malanda, Dimbulah) when filling team positions. However positions will only be offered to these players if their attitude and commitment is appropriate. Selection will NOT be guaranteed.
    3. If there are insufficient player numbers from these clubs then players from MUFC will be offered positions in order to fill player quotas for teams. However it is likely that several positions or more will be available for MUFC players in every age group. All interested MUFC players are encouraged to attend trials as coaches will have the discretion to select ANY player they believe is worthy of a position in a rep team.
    4. ‘Shadow’ Players will also be selected to come into teams if players are unavailable for some reason or forfeit their position in a team.
  4. The selection of players in rep teams is decided by the relevant team coaches with a final approval of each team by the TJSA committee. Any selection queries or complaints MUST be directed to a TJSA Committee Member and NOT team coaches.
  5. Team Squad Sizes will be as follows:
Team Squad Size (Min to Max) Shadow Players
U10 Boys 11 to 13 players Up to 2 players
U10 Girls 11 to 13 players Up to 2 players
U11 Boys 12 to 14 players Up to 2 players
U11 Girls 11 to 12 players Up to 2 players
U12 Boys 13 to 16 players Up to 2 players
U12/13 Girls 13 to 16 players Up to 2 players
U13 Boys 13 to 16 players Up to 2 players
U14 Boys 13 to 16 players Up to 2 players
U14/15 Girls 13 to 16 players Up to 2 players
  1. If, for any reason, teams cannot be formed because there are insufficient player numbers, players should still nominate for selection and the TJSA will try to accommodate these players in other regional representative teams such as Cairns and/or Johnstone River.

Expressions of Interest – Representative Team Coaches

All Rep Team coaching positions need to be filled and will be open for any person from any club to apply for a coaching position.

  1. Coaches who wish to apply to coach a particular age group’s Rep team should fill in an expression of interest form and forward it to the TJSA committee member one week prior to the commencement of trials.
  2. Coaching appointments by the TJSA will consider the following criteria:
    • Whether applicants are incumbent age group coaches
    • The level of coaching qualifications attained
    • Overall coaching experience
    • Commitment and availability for scheduled games and Bomben Carnival where applicable

Any queries in relation to this policy should be directed to a TJSA Committee Member.