Hi Team,

The first Quad Series match is the 18th May at Endeavour Park Cairns. We are planning to take a maximum of 12 players, which will allow us to have three substitutes on the day. At present we have more than 12 players currently training for the team.   That leaves us with a very difficult decision of selecting a strong squad that will perform well on and off the field.

Players that don’t make the initial squad will be shadow players.  If you cannot make 18th May, 15th June or 10th August for a scheduled game please let us know so we can make the appropriate player selection or organise a shadow player substitute. Additionally if a player’s behavior is not acceptable at training or on game days then they will be replaced with a shadow player, regardless of their skills on the field.

Luke and I will try to make a decision on the squad this week.  We will let you all know by email those who have been selected and who the shadow players are.

Training for Under 11’s will be in Atherton this Saturday at 12pm for one hour.  As Atherton will be traveling to Silkwood this weekend those Atherton players selected will not be expected to attend. Please remember to bring a water bottle and a hat.

If you know of anyone who is not receiving this newsletter please pass on this info or let them know they can subscribe to the Quad Series newsletter at TJSA.com.au.

Tate & Luke