It will be great to see everyone out at Dimbulah for this round of pre-season games.

If you need uniforms, please look for Nadia.  She will set up in the undercover area at Dimbulah from 12 midday.

Next week (Election Day!) will be our first home game.  An email will come around in the next couple of days calling for people to help with that.

For now, can everyone please think about 2 positions we must fill:

Canteen Co-coordinator.  Kylie and Simone have done a brilliant job over the past couple of years, and our canteen has a great reputation for its variety, and especially the healthy options we offer.  We have attained Level 2 in the Good Sports program and that has worked very much in our favour financially as well as for our reputation as a club.
But Simone has had to step aside, and that leaves a large gap which we must fill if we are going to continue with successful home-games.

Whoever takes this on will not be alone: Kylie is still here with her experience and knowledge.  So it will be a great opportunity to learn the ropes.

Treasurer.  At the moment, Karen has continued in the role, but needs to hand this over due to her other commitments.  She is very happy to talk to any new volunteers about the process and would still be very available for advice.  This could be a great learning opportunity, or something for an experienced club treasurer to take on and support the club.
We are always on the lookout for parents who could help with coaching, managing, and even to be assistant referees (linesmen) or referees.  If you have young kids at the club, I’d really encourage you to look at the coaching course coming up.  See the details below.

Grassroots Coaching Course

The Grassroots coaching course for the Tablelands has been set up and is ready for registration. This is the only Grassroots course we are planning on running for junior coaches and parents.  Please come along and participate – it’s FREE!

Course details are:

General Meeting

On Tuesday March 15, 2016 @ 5 PM the Malanda Football Club will be having a general meeting at Jack May Park.  Everyone is welcome!

President: Peter Arnold-Nott

Vice President: Alison Hedley

Treasurer: Vacant (temp filled by Karen Miller)

Secretary: Matt Hyde



I.      Call to order at 5 PM

II.     Approval of minutes from last meeting of 3 February 2016

III.     Matters arising from the minutes

IV.     Open issues

a)     Vacancy – Treasurer

b)    Vacancy – Canteen Co-ordinator

c)     Volunteers for Home Game

V.     New business

a)     Purchase replacement soccer gear (balls, goals, uniform bags)

b)    Other General Business

VI.     Close at X