Be a part of the WORLD GAME and join your Tableland soccer club

The Good Stuff

• We cater for boys and girls of all ages from 5 years up to 16 years old.
• This year will be even better than previous years! We’ll be adding up to 5 new clubs from Innisfail, Silkwood, Boogan, Tully and Mission Beach to our comp with the Johnstone River Association joining us.
• We’ll be organising more Tableland representative options for boys and girls from U10 through to U15 with Tableland Rep sides competing against Johnstone River and Cairns sides.
• We have implemented coaching pathways to the elite FNQ Heat National Premier League Academy. Some of our players have already gone on to be selected for these teams.
• We support our coaches to expand their knowledge and skills – we have Youth Licence and Coerver accredited coaches.
• Don’t forget there’s also the chance to be part of teams travelling to the Casey Holman, Filippo Mele and John Bomben Cups to look forward to!

The Important Stuff

1st – Sign On!

➢ When: Saturday 15 Feb from 1 to 4 pm
➢ Where: Malanda State School.
➢ Contact:

➢ When: Saturday 16 Feb from 1 to 4 pm
➢ Where: Atherton International Club.
➢ Contact:

➢ When: Saturday 15 Feb from 9:30am to 12:30 pm
➢ Where: Dimbulah Soccer Grounds.
➢ Contact:

Other sign on opportunities will be available once training commences or register online by following these instructions.

2nd – Get out there and have fun!

The Fine Print…

o Travel is a necessary part of our competition. We will need to travel to Atherton as well as Dimbulah throughout our season. As a club we will also need to travel twice to Silkwood to play JR teams. Coaches and team mates can usually help you out if you get stuck with transport.
o Training is twice a week for most ages .
o Registering to play soccer will cost between 110-150 (depends on the club). You’ll also need boots, shin-pads and team shorts and socks to play. These can cost less than $100 to buy.

So pass this around to your friends – girls and boys – and encourage them to be part of a great game and a great club!